US Senate Candidate Craig Hill
"Government Either Caused 9/11 Or Let It Happen"

Mayor Ernie Stull, Shanksville, PA
"No plane crashed here on 9/11, no plane was ever found - nothing, only a small hole"

Canadian Professor A.K. Dewdney
"Cell phones on hijacked 9/11 planes could not have worked at that altitude and speed"

Major General Albert Stubblebine
"Flight 77 did not hit Pentagon - No plane hit pentagon!"


An incredible - explosive two hour - four part dvd documentary - derived from 9/11 footage you haven't seen yet! - interviews with *fireman, policeman, scientists, engineers, and victims

  • One of the most provocative 9-11 documentaries available today
  • Photographic evidence of the largest cover-up in modern history
  • Video footage seen around the world - banned in the US.
  • Official story debunked - proven physically impossible by evidence presented in these videos
  • See critical facts withheld by the government and media

  • Victim of massive bomb explosions in WTC basement Blows 'Official 9/11 Story' Sky High * View 16 ft. diameter hole in Pentagon wall- where a 100 Ton steel and titanium Boeing, 125' wide, carrying 180 bodies, supposedly disappeared and vaporized, leaving no claims the U.S. government!
  • Including Loose Change 1- the first blockbuster 9/11 expose'
  • Japanese, German, Canadian researchers, "OFFICIAL STORY IS PROVABLE FALSE - PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE"

  • 200 Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, Government Officials, Engineers and Architects, Professors, Survivors and Family Members, Question 9/11 Commission Report - Demand a New Investigation!

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